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Welcome to our website. Here you can find information about our club, how to join, our events and diary of meetings. Moffat in Dumfriesshire is the UK's first dark sky town and read the story of how that came about. Please keep up to date with news from our blog page by joining our mailing list, and email your own astro pictures for our gallery.

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Community Observatory



Progress Towards Public Opening

This will be a new feature on our web site keeping visitors up to date with the latest news on the development of our local observatory.

A section has been created inside which will give fuller details on this exciting project which aims to bring high quality astronomy equipment to the Moffat and wider community.

Click here for more details.

Our Latest News Section...

 Please see details of club events for early 2021 below ..

Co-op Community Cause

If you’d like to help support the club - you can through your Coop members card. If you choose us as your local cause then every time you spend in the Coop we get a percentage of the community fund, it only takes a couple of minutes and doesn't cost you anything.

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